Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Diet: Is It a Miracle to Detoxify Toxins?

Apple cider vinegar detox diet will not work effectively as many people claim due to the lack of the study from the experts. Just ask your doctor for the right suggestion

Apple cider vinegar detox diet is now very popular. But, it doesn’t mean it is supported by studies and actually works by some evidences. It means apple cider vinegar detox recipe you take such as taking or drinking apple cider vinegar together with water before eating can lose weight, cleanse toxins from body and lower blood sugar, where these all are popular in this diet program. You need to know that taking apple cider vinegar by those purposes are not supported by studies. Ask your doctor for this.

Diet Basic

Does this diet program really work? The answer is not since studies don’t show that. Basically, in this diet program or also called with apple cider vinegar detox drink, you will drink one tbsp of ACV mixed together with a glass of water. This is performed before eating meals. Then, the dieters will skip snack as well as eat in moderately sized portion. The purpose is to make dieter less hungry and easier in avoiding snacks. It claims to cleanse toxins in the body, too.

Premise of This Diet

Many claim that this diet program or apple cider vinegar eaten before eating meals can burn fat as well as limit the appetite including cleansing toxins. Besides that, they also claim that fiber in apple that is called with pectin can help you increase the weight loss. However, the study shows that apple cider vinegar will not affect the fat in the body, rather the water weight. From this, this is not a diet program that works like a miracle since it will only work to take water weight and temporally.

Scientific Research

Well, ACV or apple cider vinegar is not yet well studied to find its potential for losing weight. It is only small studies that show taking apple cider vinegar before or during eating meals can help you feel fuller quicker. Besides, it can help you in eating fewer calories. That can be caused by blood sugar that is decreased. But, there are no longer and major studies that show the same result. This is why, talking generally and scientifically, apple cider vinegar has no effects in losing weight or cleansing toxins.

So, based on the proven studies, the strong effects of apple cider vinegar to lose weight isn’t clear yet. This includes for eliminating toxins. You will not find any scientific evidence that apple cider vinegar detox diet can help eliminate the toxins in your body or give your body more energy. Your body will use kidney and liver to cleanse or eliminate toxins in the body. This is what you need to think and consider before taking this detox diet program.

Potential Adverse Effects

Indeed, there are apple cider vinegar detox side effects. Drinking ACV is not risk free. ACV can irritate the throat and stomach. Drinking too much in extended time can also cause a deficiency of potassium. The acidity in ACV also damages your teeth’s enamel. ACV may also interact with some medications. So, it is highly recommended to take this diet program under a suggestion of a doctor.

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