The Importance of and When to Take Anti Angiogenesis Foods

Anti angiogenesis foods have so many benefits, especially in keeping cancerous cells from their development to deadly disease. What are those foods? Here are the lists

Angio means blood vessels, while genesis means creation so that angiogenesis means creation of new blood vessels. Then, what anti angiogenesis foods mean? This is associated with the creation of cancer. Commonly, human body has over 60,000 miles of blood vessels and 19 million capillaries. When the angiogenesis is imbalance, this may lead to cancer. Therefore, the antiangiogenic foods are the foods that can cause angiogenesis. In addition to these foods, you need to also know some foods that can starve cancer.

Before you find the anti angiogenesis foods list, there are some important information that you need to know. They are about the blood vessels and the cancer.

Blood Vessels

The development of new blood vessels is a good support for cancer cells. You need to understand that cancer cells are fed by the new built blood vessels. The more blood vessels are built, the better the cancer development. Therefore, it is important to cut the development of blood vessels so that tumors can’t have the source of their food and then die.

Foods to Avoid

If you want to stop feeding cancerous cells, you need to stop some certain foods. There are several foods that cause angiogenesis. However, many health professionals tend to suggest us to take some foods that are good to starve cancerous cells. There is still no information about some foods that support the creation of blood vessels. Alternatively, here we have some foods to take to prevent cancers.

Foods to Eat

In accordance to the explanation from Dr. Li, eating the following foods is a good decision to keep you healthy. These foods will keep cancerous cells away from development. There are no more blood vessel creations means there is no food for the cancers. Therefore, you better take some of these foods.

We have 33 foods that are recommended for you. They are apples, cranberries, blueberries, garlic, tomatoes, basil, thyme, onions, ginseng, cauliflower, ginger, carrots, cage, broccoli, sweet potato, lemons, kale, oranges, grapefruit, peaches, flaxseed, strawberries, red grapes, string beans, green tea, spinach, peppers, honey, pumpkins, olive oil, walnuts, shiitake mushrooms, and almonds.

When to Eat Those Anti Angiogenesis Foods

Don’t be too late to eat those foods. You should take some of them into your diet. This is important for you to prevent cancer. Of course, prevention is better than treatment. Some common misunderstanding is that taking them into a diet to treat cancer. There is nothing wrong, but it will be better to take them before you have cancer.

There are some stages of cancer. The first stage of cancer does not give some discomforts. People with this cancer commonly think that there is no problem with their health. What if they eat some foods that support angio genesis? The cancer will develop well. Therefore, to avoid this common issue, you better start consuming those anti angio genesis stuff from now.

Can We Beat Cancer?

Indeed, we can beat cancer with some wise food choices to take. In addition, we need also to live healthy lifestyle to keep the cancerous cells not develop. Don’t let cancerous cells become deadly disease. Kill them or they will kill you!


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