Why You Need to Think Twice before Taking Andrew Lessman Vitamins

Andrew Lessman vitamins are made of healthy ingredients. However, some of the ingredients are too much and you should think twice before taking them

Taking Andrew Lessman vitamins is the thing you may need to do if vitamins are the healthy things you are looking for. The vitamins from Andrew Lessman are the ones that numerous customers prefer as the vitamins are pretty much the embodiment of popular health products. The vitamins themselves are not the cheapest vitamins ever but they definitely have awesome quality. Here are stuffs about the vitamins you must note if taking vitamins is the things which you would consider doing.

Andrew Lessman Vitamins Pros

1. Andrew Lessman vitamins are science-based products

Many people may say that Andrew Lessman vitamins are not special but there are things which would separate them from other products. The vitamins from Andrew Lessman are vitamins which are science-based. They are great and they can help promote the health of the individuals taking them in order to be healthier.

2. The vitamins and the refund guarantee given to customers

Some of the good things about Andrew Lessman vitamins include the fact the company gives their customers a refund guarantee. The company which manufactures Andrew Lessman vitamin products will return customers’ money but a condition has to be met. The money will be given after 30 days have passed since the day a customer purchases the product and said customer has complaints towards the vitamins.

3. Interesting things about the refund guarantee

Well, it is true Andrew Lessman vitamins are offered together with refund guarantee but there is a vital thing which is worth noting about this fact. Supplements usually take months to work and 30 days are actually quite short. After all, customers only have 30 days to know whether the product is good or not and a month can be a very short time to use to judge the effectiveness of a health product.

4. The high quality ingredients the products are made of

The ingredients Andrew Lessman vitamins are made of are surely the ingredients individuals who consider taking the vitamins should know about. The ingredients are including varied ingredients. Of course, ingredients in the list are healthy. The ingredients are including Vitamin C and calcium, which are among the cheapest kinds of ingredients manufacturers could use to produce health products.

Aside from calcium and Vitamin C, magnesium is also among the ingredients Andrew Lessman vitamins are made of. Gamma tocopherols are among the ingredients in the list, too. Omega 3 type of fish oil is also included in the products. Zeaxanthin is the next ingredient that made its way into the product’s package. However, there actually are some problems with the doses of the ingredients used in manufacturing the products.

Andrew Lessman Vitamins Cons

Based on Andrew Lessman vitamins review, the ingredients are without doubt healthy ingredients; however there is a problem with their doses. After all, some of the ingredients are too much and one of them is too little. For example, Vitamin C in the products total at 2000mg, which is an amount that is simply too much since our bodies do not need that much each day.

The next ingredient in Andrew Lessman vitamins whose amount is simply too much is calcium. There is 300mg of calcium in the products. Well, calcium and Vitamin C are very cheap so including much of them in products may not take too much money. However, it is not the wisest thing to do to cram products with too much or unneeded amounts of ingredients.

The magnesium that is included in Andrew Lessman vitamins can also be considered too much because there is too much of it in the products. The magnesium amount totals at 200mg. Then, while the amounts of other ingredients are too much, the amount of the Zeaxanthin in the products is far too little since only 4mg of it is included in the products.


It is good that Andrew Lessman vitamins are products which can target nearly all of the body’s key systems and organs. However, they do not target the body’s immune system significantly. Thus, you are not wrong if you are being careful when taking the products since the body’s immune system is so important because it is the first defense line in your body. The immune system fights against diseases and thus, it will be important to take only health products which would be good for your body’s immune system.

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