11 Amla Powder Benefits: I Love the Way It Improves My Eyesight

Amla Powder gives you some of the entire benefits. Amla is rich in nutrients, including vitamins, iron and calcium so that you can take these 11 benefits if you consume it

Amla, an Indian gooseberry is a famous tree due to its richness of nutrients. Many people talk about Amla Powder benefits. Both the tree and the powder are the good source of Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron. There are plenty of benefits that you can take as presented in the following list.

  1. Amla powder benefits for skin

Amla fruit is rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants help reduce the cell damage. In addition, they also reduce the free radicals effects. Those who want to slow down their ageing process usually take this powder or directly the amla fruit.

  1. Curing Sore Throat

Amla is a good fruit to treat sore throat. If it is difficult to find the fruit, you can take the powder. You can make an amla juice that is combined with chopped ginger and honey. This will effectively treat your sore throat and cough.

  1. Fighting against heart disease

The amla powder can reduce the building up bad cholesterol. In fact, bad cholesterol is the main cause of heart disease. Amla also helps reduce the clogging in arteries.

  1. Increasing diuretic activity

Urination is important because it helps body release some unwanted toxins, uric acid and salts. Amla fruit and powder has diuretic substance that improves your urination.

  1. Amla powder benefits weight loss

Amla is a good fruit to boost metabolic rate due to its ability in increasing the protein absorption. This rate is about the fastness of the body to burn the calories. The faster the calories are burned, the faster you lose your weight.

  1. Reducing blood sugar

Amla is a good source of polyphenol. Study has revealed that polyphenol can protect body from oxidative high blood sugar. Talking about amla powder benefits diabetes, it was proven that amla can be therapeutic for those who are suffering from diabetes. It improves the insulin absorption and reduces the blood sugar level.

  1. Supporting bowel movements

Not only does it contain high fiber, amla also contains anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, this fruit and powder are excellent to support the whole digestive process.

  1. Boosting immunity

The fruit is a good source of vitamins and antioxidants. In addition, it also contains tannins. The fruit shows a perfect combination of tannins and polyphenols that can protect the consumers from free radical effects. This also improves the body’s ability in fighting against diseases.

  1. Preventing gall bladder stones formation

Besides causing heart disease, cholesterol also causes gall bladder stones. Thanks to Vitamin C that can converts cholesterol into bile. Thanks also to amla that is a good source of Vitamin C. This means that consuming amla fruit or powder can help you reduce the risk of gall bladder stones. In addition, consuming this fruit or powder can help you keep gallbladder functioning well.

  1. Preventing Ulcers

Amla has a good work in preventing ulcers because it contains antibacterial properties. Those properties reduce body acidity level and avoid ulcers formation.

  1. Improving eyesight

Consuming amla gives a good contribution to improve eyesight. Besides, this also helps you cure watery, itchy and sore eyes.


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