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When it comes to skin problem, acne is probably one of the most common issues women have. We often find ourselves frantically trying to find the right product to help address the issue. One of them is Acne Free.

Today, we are going to review some of Acne Free products, more particularly its acne treatment system. This means the Acne Free reviews here are those for the anti-acne kits that offer you a mix of products to deal with not only the acne itself, but also other skin problems that become the cause of the outbreak.

24 Hour Acne Clearing System

Let’s start Acne Free reviews with this Acne Free clear skin system reviews. This anti-acne kit system means really well, but it’s not the most effective solution. It consists of the Oil-Free Purifying Cleanser, Renewing Toner, and Repair Lotion.

The cleanser is made with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, which most of its benefit is often rinsed down the drain. In general, though the cleanser is effective and gentle. Even to remove makeup, it still works well without leaving the tight or dry feeling on your skin and can rise easily. Even so, the cleanser contains a small amount of Farnesol which can trigger irritation.

However, we conclude in the Acne Free reviews that the cleanser’s benefit remains questionable in terms of effectiveness, even though the use of soothing ingredients is a good touch.

Meanwhile, the Renewing Toner has alcohol as the second ingredient. It also contains witch hazel water which can irritate your skin. Remember that alcohol contained in skin-care products can cause free-radical damage and dryness, impairing your skin’s ability to heal.

The irritation the witch hazel water may trigger and also damage the healthy collagen production and then stimulating oil production. If you have oily skin, it may not be a good product to use as your problem will be worse instead.

The Acne Free reviews also suggest that the toner is a bit problematic due to the preservative it uses, even though the product itself has some great soothing agents and niacinamide to improve skin in various ways.

Last but not least, there is the lotion, formulated with 3.7% benzoyl peroxide. It contains ginger root extract too, which can become an irritant. However, the biggest concern with the lotion is its preservative methylisothiazolinone, which is notorious to be sensitizing.

Sensitive Skin 24 Hour Acne Clearing System

The next Acne Free reviews are for the kit specialized for sensitive skin: Acne Free Sensitive Skin System reviews. This 3-step system contains a cleanser, spot treatment, and exfoliating toner.

First is Corrective Cleanser and contains salicylic acid, which rinses down the drain before it really helps your skin. Even though it’s a great water-soluble cleanser, it has a small portion of ginger root extract.

The acne toner is free from alcohol and is a great mix of both problematic and good ingredients. However, we can conclude from Acne Free reviews that the pros outweigh the cons, even though it will be more suitable for normal to non-sensitive oily skin.

Last is the acne spot treatment and repair lotion, formulated with 3% benzoyl peroxide. It contains ginger root extract too, which has good anti-inflammatory benefits but can be irritating too. However, the biggest concern is methylisothiazolinone.

24 Hour Severe Acne Clearing System

As its name indicates, the Acne Free reviews here is for the system meant to be used as a skin-care routine to deal with and prevent the severe acne. However, bear in mind that typical severe acnes need prescription products from the doctor, particularly if it’s cystic one.

Luckily, among Acne Free products, the Acne Free Severe reviews show that this 4-product kit has the fewest problematic ingredients, which is great. However, it lacks the well-formulated BHA product.

First one in the kit is the anti-bacterial cleansing wash medicated with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, which contacts with the skin briefly to kill bacteria effectively. The formula is okay for normal to oily or combination skin, but make sure keeping it away from your eye area.

The toner, however, will hurt your skin due to the witch hazel and alcohol it contains. The Acne Free reviews conclude that it will increase the oil production and make the redness worse.

The repair lotion is fragrance-free and lightweight, medicated with 10% benzoyl peroxide—the concentration may cause dryness, especially if the lotion is applied after toner.

Last is the retinol renewal complex moisturizer. It’s free from fragrance which will be too heavy if your acne-prone skin is oily. Hence, a lightweight serum or moisturizer will be a better option for you.

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