Is Abdominal Pain Early Pregnancy Normal? Check This!

Abdominal pain early pregnancy is normal for every pregnant woman but there is a kind of situation that it gets worse or severe and may cause problem as in early miscarriage

Abdominal pain early pregnancy can occur during first trimester in pregnancy. It is very normal when you feel sore, stiff, and abdominal cramps. Carrying a baby in the womb can make the stomach uncomfortable because your burden will be gradually increasing. It forces your muscles to work harder. Abdominal pain in early pregnancy before missed period can occur at any time until about the birth process comes.

How Do I Fix This?

There are several ways you can do dealing with the abdominal pain. For example, try to sit or lie down with your feet higher than your stomach. This inverted position will be very helpful. You can also take a shower with hot water.

You can fill the bottle with lukewarm water and then place it to the part where abdominal cramps happened. Try to get as relax as possible. It can also cause cramps and pain in the back. So you have to do it slowly and got back massage after that.

No Need to Worry about Abdominal Pain but…

You do not need to react excessively to lower abdominal pain in early pregnancy 4 weeks but you may need some helps if there is any other abnormal symptoms as in early miscarriage. Miscarriage occurs if the baby cannot grow properly.

Remember, not every abdominal pain refers to miscarriage. In the situation of early miscarriage, you may get extremely heavy cramps and bleeding in the center part of your lower belly.

If you are bleeding more than one hour, you have to go to the nearest hospital. It is important to always discuss everything about the abdominal pain to your doctor. Tell all the complaint and your doctor or midwife will know what they need to do.

You will get some questions, do some tests like pelvic test and ultrasonography to see all more clearly. If you are threatened with miscarriage, your doctor may need a blood test to see more detail about the condition of pregnancy.

Not only lower abdominal pain in early pregnancy but 5 weeks but also in the second trimester, you can still experience possibility of miscarriage. It is actually rare and only 1 in 100 miscarriages that occur during this period.

The miscarriage occurs between 12th weeks to 24th weeks. Its symptoms have no difference from the early miscarriage. You will have cramps and bleeding as well at your lower belly. Immediately go to the nearest hospital if you experience severe bleeding.

For the third trimester, you should be aware of the possibility of premature birth. The symptom is also got abdominal pain at the bottom part of your stomach, contractions, and womb that feels tight. This could happen between 24th weeks to 37th weeks of pregnancy.

While your water of fetal membrane broke, contact your doctor fast. In spite of it all, the way to minimize excessive abdominal pain is to move actively and do some activities that are not too heavy to keep up in fit condition.

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