21 Days Pregnant and Very Important Things about This Pregnancy Age

21 days pregnant is a condition when the placenta secretes hCG. The baby inside the womb has been alive with an initial and tiny heart in it during the 21th day of pregnancy

If you are in 21 days pregnant, you should start eating and drinking in a healthy way because you are responsible for your health and your baby’s health now. By this time, you should start making plans related to your pregnancy. You have to be careful in doing anything and you must make sure your lifestyle is very healthy. Keep these very important things in your notes to know some important things which are related to your pregnancy.

What It Means

Being in 21st day of pregnancy means you are in the third week of your pregnancy. By this time, your placenta has begun secreting hCG. It is a hormone which prolongs the corpus luteum’s lifespan and stimulates progesterone production. Being twenty one days pregnant means there has been a corpus luteum inside you whose lifespan needs to be prolonged and that is why your body secretes hCG.

What to Do

If you are in the 21st day of pregnancy, you have to drink plenty of water. Water has to be your top beverage choice. Water itself should be your top beverage choice both before pregnancy and during pregnancy. After all, a human’s body is composed mainly of water and it is vital to consider water your vital nutrient. Drink at least eight-ounce glasses every day to help flush your body’s system to make it free of toxins.

Things That Might Happen

There are several things which might happen if you are in this phase. One of them is fatigue or exhaustion. If you are three weeks pregnant, you may start feeling fatigue or getting exhausted. Fatigue or exhaustion, however, is normal in pregnant women. Most pregnant women experience fatigue and exhaustion and you should never be scared if you are experiencing fatigue or exhaustion during your pregnancy.

When you are in this stage, you might also realize that your nipples become sensitive. Also note that when you are in your 21th day of pregnancy, you might be attacked by nausea. Nausea, however, is very common in pregnant women. Frequent urination is also among the things which are associated to many pregnant women. You might also urinate frequently when you are pregnant.

The next things which might happen when you experience are dull cramps. You should be prepared to experience dull cramps if you are pregnant. Flatulence is also among the things which could happen during pregnancy. Also be prepared to experience backache because it is among the things your pregnancy might present to you.

Important Things about the Third Week of Pregnancy

It is very important for you and other pregnant women to know that when a pregnancy reaches its 21th day, rapid fetal development happens. This is a time when critical organs, body parts, and tissues have started to grow. The baby’s tiny heart may beat and this shows that the baby has been alive in the third week of pregnancy. Those are important things which you should keep in your notes if you are currently 21st day pregnancy.

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