21 Day Detox Diet Plan: Does It Really Work?

21 day detox diet plan is one among several diet plans that you need to try. What makes it superior is the fact that Oprah Winfrey also practices this detox diet

21 day detox diet plan has become a routine practice for many people starting from people in the local game to celebrities like Oprah Winfrey. Detox diet plan, such as detox diet plan 3 day and others including this 21 day program, is designed to cleanse toxins in your body as well as help you jumpstart a program of weight loss. This 21 day program of detox diet plan also has easy rules with drastic change on your body. This is such a miracle.

Purpose of Detox Diet Plan

Today, modern lifestyle is related to something to do quickly. This includes for foods and drinks you take every day. Your daily routine and rush hours force you to take junky fast food instead of healthy and well prepared dishes.

This lifestyle creates toxins in your body. Taking chemical also just add toxins. This miracle diet plan has a purpose to detoxify toxins in the body. The 21 day detox diet plan menu helps cleanse toxins in the body and leave you with increased energy, improving bowel movement and more.

General Rules

Free 21 day detox diet plan can work very impressively to almost all people although the result can be varying for each. Organic as well as unprocessed foods including drinks, vegetables, and fruits following with water in large amount to take are included in this detox diet program.

There are some recommended foods that you can take. Those foods include gentian root, licorice root, milk thistle seed, yucca root and also pysillium seed. On the other hand, you also have some foods to avoid such as processed foods, drugs, supplements, tobacco, alcohol and caffeine.

The Clean Diet

One of the most popular 21 diet plans is called with The Clean Diet. It is created by Dr. Alejandro Junger, a New York cardiologist. This diet plan suggests taking liquid meal for the breakfast, solid meal for the lunch and also liquid meal for dinner. This diet plan aims to remove all toxins in the body, restore what the body lacks of as well as rejuvenate life from inside to out. This diet highly recommends exercise.

Quantum Wellness

Another popular detox diet plan is called Quantum Wellness. This is created by an author, Kathy Freston. This detox plan becomes famous since the participation of Oprah Winfrey in it. The diet plan focuses on vegan diet, meditation, conscious eating, visualization, fun activities, self-work, exercise and spiritual practice as well as service. This diet plan can work very impressively too. You can read further about it.


Although this diet program is like a miracle, this diet program is not for pregnant women since they need more nutrients for both the mother to be and the baby. This diet program may make the dieters lack of nutrients in high amount. So, it is highly recommended to ask a doctor who knows your body needs.

Also, if you have several health problems, you need to consult your doctor. Those health problems include eating disorder, heart disease, anemia, low blood pressure, cancer, ulcers, low immunity, underweight and alcohol or drug dependency.


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